When Molehills Become Mountains

When I started writing this blog post, it was meant to be a post about how to turn problems and challenges into FUN opportunities, but in the writing of it, it developed into a two-part post and in this, the first post I ask

“What do you do when you meet stubborn internal resistance”?


I have just started working for myself as a Promoter and Distributor of a Personal Development Product Range and Business Opportunity and I recently faced a minor challenge which was causing me huge internal resistance.

The business system is made up of 3 simple steps. I managed to muddle my way through the first step, but stopped dead in my tracks at the second step – a simple phone call, following a script.

I wanted to make the calls. I needed to make them, and I knew they were key to my ability to succeed in this industry. I wanted to, ….but I couldn’t. Every time I thought about reaching for the phone I met with HUGE internal resistance. I fought with myself, I argued with myself, I reasoned with myself, but still I could not pick up the phone and dial that first number. Every time I thought about it I came up with every reason and excuse in the book NOT to do it.

I tried procrastination (writing this blog post), motivation (writing this blog post), rehearsing, visualising, preparing, and practicing. I practiced my scripts and listened to the recordings several times. I tried reaching out for moral support and listened to some sound advice.


Bite the bullet”, “Just do it”, and “the only way to get beyond the fear is with MASSIVE ACTION” .  

I tried understanding my internal motivations. I listened to recordings of people making the same calls I needed to make. And still I found myself struggling.  

I even did a google search for “How to Overcome Fear of Phone Sales”.

I found a lot of useful information and some really good resources that helped me identify what my real problem is.

Maria Brophy – How To Get Over Your Fear of Making Sales Calls


Hubspot: 4 steps to get over Your Fear

For me it boiled down to 3 things:

  1. A “negative intruder” – (I am not comfortable with my script)

  2. Learning to have a conversation and speak from the heart

  3. An inner conflict – trying to reconcile using a script( which works) with having a genuine conversation with people, and trying to “sell” them something (even though I believe in the product I have to offer, the benefits it can provide and the interest my contacts have shown in receiving the information)

Wow! What an eye-opener. No wonder I am struggling to make this call!

The thing is, I know I’m not afraid of failing (in this instance), and I’m not afraid to pick up the phone, even though its not my favourite thing, but I was suffering from some massive internal resistance (and I think I know what it is).

Anthony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within suggests that the self-sabotage is due to a conflict of values and mixed neuro-associations. No wonder I have this tug-of-war going on inside myself!

After fighting with myself for hours, trying to convince, cajole or wheedle myself into making that first call, I decided that the only way to overcome this hurdle is by doing the thing I am most resisting, and the only way I could successfully complete this blog post is by successfully achieving my goal.

(Fortunately I was saved by the bell bird birds – 2 baby birds fell out of their nest and needed rescuing and I happily devoted the last hour of my day to becoming a bird rescuer.


After sleeping on things overnight and awakening with the same nauseating knot in my stomach I decided there was nothing left for it, no more excuses. I had to “JUST DO IT”!

And what do you know – it was easy! Once I picked up that phone and made that first call everything fell into place. Five phone calls later and all my leads have been contacted, messages have been left,emails have been exchanged, follow ups have been scheduled, and who knows, maybe I am on the way to making my first sale.

I feel good about what I have achieved today. I know I will still face many more the same or similar challenges along the way, but next time it will be just that little bit easier.

I originally started this post to share how to turn problems and challenges into FUN opportunities, but what do you do when you meet stubborn internal resistance?

Well, first, you explore all your options. (Check). Then you face the realities. Then you make adjustments as necessary!

How many ways can you avoid doing something before you actually have to commit to doing it?

You’re going to have to deal with it eventually – why not sooner rather than later?

When all else fails – What is the “Gun to Your Head”?  What is the one thing that will light a fire under your butt and get you moving? funny-pictures-676672_960_720

What is the one thing that will cause you so much fear, anguish, stress and pain that you will do ANYTHING to avoid it? What is the one thing that will trigger you into action NOW and keep propelling you forward UNTIL you hit your target?

Or Is there something else you could do?

Maybe listening to some motivating music might help? 



Or engaging in some invigorating exercise?

Perhaps consider getting a coach (or an encouraging friend) to support you and hold you accountable.

And, If all else fails, solve the problem, write a blog post about it, share your solutions with the world, and who knows, maybe you will even make a fortune doing it!


Look out for my next post, “Molehills and Mountains – how to turn problems and challenges into FUN opportunities ” . Coming soon.

Don’t think. Just Do!

Keep Dreaming! Karen
Keep Dreaming!