Clearing out Clutter is Cathartic


Yesterday I spent an immensely satisfying day sifting through my office files and sorting out the treasures from the trash.



I must confess, when it comes to papers and books  I am a professional hoarder.  I don’t subscribe to the popular and practical advice of the “Touch It Once” rule.


Some of my notebooks and journals go back to pre -1997, a historical record of my life’s journey thus far.

In contrast, I only kept records from the past 6 years employment history.  Not too bad since we’ve moved 6 times in the past six years.



But yesterday I finally let go.  All the papers, contracts, notes, gone!

There is nothing quite so satisfying as shredding those papers into tiny pieces.  And I wasn’t alone!

As always, my trusty companions Buddy and Rosie were available to assist.  The process went something like this:

I would sort, crumple, tear and toss, filling up a big black bag.


Rosie and Buddy would Retrieve And …

20161028_104245 20161018_151359

Rip the Rubbish to Shreds….




And then scatter it through the house to ensure that the contents can never again be pieced together and deciphered.





Once I’d finished filling the bag with 20 years of memories, I decided it was time to declutter my PC too.

I deleted all my old CV’s, removed myself as Admin from a couple of Facebook pages and dedicated myself to renewing my goals.

A 12 hour day well spent!  I feel re-energised.   mounting-1837595__340

I’ve let go of some old attachments, my office looks good,

And 2017 beckons!

I’m looking forward to it.  How about you?