About Prosperity Dreamer

About Prosperity Dreamer:


Prosperity Dreamer has been designed to inspire you to make the changes and improvements in your life that you know you want.

If you are dreaming of a better life and looking for ways to make it happen, you will find Hope, Inspiration, Imagination Creativity, Dreams, Optimism, Opportunities, Resources, Wisdom, & Possibilities Here.

Prosperity Dreamers don’t focus on being “realistic”, instead we focus on being Optimistic, Expectant, Imaginative, and Creative. We open our eyes and our minds to opportunities and possibilities. What if…?

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About Me:

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Hi There! My name is Karen, and I am a Prosperity Dreamer.

My Dad was my first Life Coach, and his encouragement inspired me to a lifelong study of positive, motivational and inspirational knowledge. I have been on the path of personal growth and a fan of self-help, motivational and inspirational psychology for as long as I can remember.

In June 2007 I became a qualified Life Coach through International Coach Academy.

Since then it has been my purpose to work with people and guide them towards creating their dream life.

This year I enrolled at UNISA to study for my BA Degree, majoring in Psychology and Religious Studies.

I firmly believe that with a little luck, a lot of hard work, a Dream and a Desire, we all will have the potential to turn our own dreams from dreams into realities. and that is what this blog is all about.

I hope you will be inspired to explore these pages and find your own way to discover your Dreams and turn those Dreams into your own Reality!

About My Family:

For me, being successful starts with having a happy family and healthy relationships.  This is my true success story!

Family Pics blog imageNeil – My handsome South African husband, Neil.  This year we celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary.

My two gorgeous, handsome, beautiful sons, Gareth and Craig and their respective, gorgeous and beautiful partners, Cassarica and Honey

Gareth is a Computer Techie and Cassarica (Cassie) is a Blogger (Amazeblog;  The Blogtag)

Craig is a Super Salesman and Honey is a Clinical Psychologist

My Mum – Jean (Mum or Gran) takes care of our family home and pets and makes sure we are well fed.

Rosie – My mums dog, but really our family dog – a wannabe lapdog in a Golden Retrievers body.

Buddy – the surprise new addition to our family, and Rosie’s best friend – a Yorkie X Maltese with a permanent “Bad Hair Day”

So, now you know a little bit about me, my family and my Prosperity Dream.  I hope you will have fun exploring these pages and I look forward to chatting with you again soon!

Keep Dreaming!